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Customs & Logistics

Customs, logistics and transportation services in Europe:

1. Organization of storage and warehouse logistics in the Baltic region

2. Forwarding services:

- Conclusion of contracts with agents (RZD, Russian railways) to control the transit of goods from the territory of Baltic countries

- Conclusion of contracts with agents at the transshipment points and ports

- Handling containers in the Baltic region

- Organization of representative and superviser services while loading carriages and containers

- Consultig, information support and giving instructios to customers

- Development of optimal logistic schemes

- Calculation of railway tariffs

- Control of transportation, handlig emergency situations

- Cosulting in acquisition of premises: terminals, warehouses and land

3. Customs:

- The organization of the admission process with an exporter (seller) or an importer at the port of destination, including getting necessary permits and certificates

- Export and import customs clearance through a customs broker or independently

- Clearance of goods in transit

- Cargo insurance

- Calculation of customs payments and determining the optimal customs regime

4. Road transportation in Europe