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 Certification in Customs Union

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Certification in Russia

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Certification in the European Union

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Our company assesses the prospects of the markets of EU countries, provides information on analogues of products sold currently in EU market, on sales volumes, sales prices, price changes, and other information at the request of the manufacturer (exporter) .

This information will allow the manufacturer (exporter) to make a proper and reasonable decision to enter the EU markets.

Regulatory and technical support of projects

We offer manufacturer:

* preparation of information on the EU Directives, EU harmonized standards, IEC, ISO, and other regulations, which requirements may be extended to the products of the manufacturer;

* preparation of thematic reviews of the new EU standards, and changes made to the previously published standards of the EU;

* preparation of information on enacted and the newly introduced regulatory legal acts, documents on technical regulation and standardization, information and reference materials, etc. acting in the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus. Provide copies of official documents;

* provision of official standards EN, ISO, IEC, EU Directives, EU regulations and other legal materials in English, in Russian and in languges of Baltic states.

Organization of works on certification and registration in the European Union of products not subject to the EU Directives for the purpose of export to the EU. For example, materials intended for contact with food, children’s items, kitchen appliences and some other products.

Testing of products for compliance with EU standards:

We are ready to provide the manufacturer with the following services:

* to conclude an agreement with the testing laboratory under the terms agreed with the manufacturer.

* to arrange customs clearance of imported product samples and deliver them to the testing laboratory.

* to provide control over the testing of samples in the laboratory, in the event of problems – to contact the manufacturer and take all measures to solve the problems.

* If necessary, carry out customs procedures for re-export of samples and deliver them to the manufacture.