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A new harmonized standard EN 13001-3-5: 2016 Cranes

A new harmonized standard EN 13001-3-5: 2016 Cranes – General design – Part 3-5: Limit states and proof of competence of forged hooks.

The European standard EN 13001-3-5: 2016 should be used in conjunction with EN 13001-1 and EN 13001-2, as it sets out the general conditions, requirements and design and theoretical verification methods that impede the mechanical types of lifting hooks.

The harmonized European standard EN 13001-3-5: 2016 covers the following parts of hooks and hook types:

- the main part of each type of steel hook, forged;

- mechanical threaded rod / nut for hanging.

The rules of this European Standard can be applied to machined shanks in general. However, you need to specify and use a stress ratio suitable for projects not included in this standard.

Do not consider cast hooks and hooks with plates that are assembled from one or more parallel parts of steel sheets.

Grasping hooks and hooks for plates in which a combination of one or more interacting parts of steel rolling plates are combined are not covered by this European Standard.

A list of dangerous situations and events that may pose a danger to people under normal and foreseeable abuse is provided.